Tarot Bytes

Face Up Tarot with Mary Greer

May 19, 2019

Episode 128. Face Up Tarot with Mary Greer.  I was first introduced to the concept of consciously choosing cards from Mary Greer's groundbreaking book, Tarot For Yourself. At the time, the whole notion of this blew my mind. After all, weren't we supposed to just shuffle and let the fates decide which cards showed up?

Mary's methods gave me a whole new way to work with the cards - and I've been using face-up tarot in a variety of ways. In this episode of Tarot Bytes, Mary shares different scenarios for choosing cards consciously. You'll learn about how to use this technique to sort out feelings, plan your day, manifest goals, and more. If you're looking for a new way to work with your cards, don't miss this episode!

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