Tarot Games with Cardsy B

March 17, 2019

Episode 120. Tarot Games with Cardsy B. Learning tarot doesn't have to be a snore! In this episode, I'm joined by Cardsy B, the creatrix of The Badass Bitches Tarot, as she shares some fun tarot games. This playful episode will have you learning - and enjoying - your tarot cards in a whole new way! 

Tarot Patterns with Seth Vermilyea

March 10, 2019

Episode 119. Like detectives, tarot readers string together the cards to find the clues that the cards are trying to tell. This requires not only an understanding of the cards themselves but also how they go together. In this episode, I'm talking all about tarot patterns with Seth Vermilya of Coming Out Tarot. Seth shares some great tips - including a pattern that you may want to check out.

This was a favorite conversation - he's totally brilliant and I learned new things. Listen in and you might look at the cards a whole new way!

Gate Cards with Rachel Pollack

March 3, 2019

Episode 118: Gate Cards with Rachel Pollack. In this episode, Rachel Pollack teaches about the mysterious Gate Cards and their role in tarot. (Plus we discuss Dr. Who!) Rachel's 78 Degrees of Wisdom has just been reprinted - you'll definitely want to get a copy. There's more info about the Gate Cards in her book. Yay!

Experimenting with Tarot with Jaymi Elford

February 24, 2019

Episode 117: Experimenting with Tarot with Jaymi Elford. Ever wonder if you can work with tarot in different ways outside the divination table? Jaymi Elford, author of Tarot Inspired Life thinks you can. In this episode, we chat about various, playful experiments from journaling, channeling, and using tarot as a muse for writing.

Jaymi shares some of her favorite ways to experiment with the cards - you'll leave feeling inspired to play with your cards in a whole new way.

The Wisdom of Oracle Cards with Lynn Andrews

February 17, 2019

Episode 116: The Wisdom of Oracle Cards with Lynn Andrews. I have worked with Lynn Andrews' Power Deck for years. It's the only oracle deck that I use on a consistent basis. Imagine my delight to learn that the Power Deck was updated and reissued! My new copy is happily replacing the dog-eared one that has been my faithful companion for over twenty years.

Lynn joins me today to talk about oracle cards and the wisdom of the daily draw. Learn how she connects with oracles - and how you can too. 

Choosing Significators for Situations

February 10, 2019

Episode 115: Choosing Significators for Situations. The last few episodes have been about choosing signficators to represent people. Did you know that you can also use a significator to symbolize a situation? For example, you might choose the Eight of Wands if you're asking about travel. In this wee lesson, I'll talk about picking a card for a particular event - and I'll share a quick spread.

Choosing the Major Arcana for Significators

February 3, 2019

Episode 114: Choosing the Major Arcana for Significators. We've been focusing on significators in the past two episodes. To recap: a significator is a card consciously chosen to represent a person. The cards that I usually choose for significators are Court Cards. But what about the Major Arcana? Can you choose them as a significator? Sure you can!

In this lesson, we're looking at various ways you can choose a Major Arcana card for a significator. I'll teach you three easy methods. Explore all three and see which one you like the best.

The book mentioned in this episode is Who Are You in the Tarot?: Discover Your Birth and Year Cards and Uncover Your Destiny by Mary K. Greer.

Choosing Significators by Element and Astrology Sign

January 27, 2019

Episode 113: Choosing Significators by Element and Astrology Sign. In our last episode, we answered the question: "What are significators?" Signficators are tarot cards that are consciously chosen to represent the questioner or other people involved in the reading.

In this lesson, I'm covering how to pick a Court Card significator by element and astrology sign. It's my favorite method!


January 20, 2019

Episode 112: Significators. If you've been around tarot long enough, soon you might come across "significators." What are significators? Cards that are consciously chosen to represent the questioner or other people involved in the reading.

In this lesson, we begin exploring significators. The next few episodes that follow will cover different methods for choosing them - and more!

All Day Divination with V of Red Light Readings

January 13, 2019

Episode 111: All Day Divination with V of Red Light Readings. Want to work with tarot but don't have a ton of time? Wishing you could learn how to read those cards - but you've got ADHD and can't seem to sit still? You might want to try All Day Divination, a process created by V of Red Light Readings. In this episode, V breaks her technique down. You'll learn how to pull a card for the day, determine your royalty, take a tarot break, incorporate tarot into making dinner - and put it all together. Sounds cool? It is!