Tarot Bytes

Inclusivity and Tarot with Courtney Alexander

September 15, 2019

Episode 143. For too long, tarot decks have featured primarily white people. (There was even a tag on Twitter called #tarotsowhite a few years back.) But that has changed. More folks are looking for diverse decks featuring images that represent people who look just like them. Indie artists have been leading the way, creating stunning, multicultural decks. Artists like Courtney Alexander, the talent behind the celebrated Dust II Onyx Tarot.

In this episode, Courtney joins me to discuss inclusivity and tarot. We talk about Courtney's journey as a deck creator, how artists can be inclusive and remain respectful, and more. Courtney's wisdom will give all deck creators something to think about going forward. This is an important conversation and one that I hope to explore further in future episodes.