Tarot Bytes

Mind, Body, Spirit Spread

July 21, 2019

Episode 136. The Body, Mind, Spirit Spread is the one I use to check in with myself. It's especially effective when my life seems to be in a tough spot. Checking in allows me to see what I need in terms of self-care. For example, if the card in the Body position is challenging, it might be a sign that I need to reflect on my daily habits while a card like the Three of Swords in the Mind position may alert me to manage my mental stress. It's too easy to put our self-care to the side, especially when life isn't going the way we want. The Body, Mind, Spirit Spread helps me to see exactly what I need.

I recommend this as a daily spread too. Because you don't need to be struggling to come to tarot. It's always your ally.

This spread is featured in Tarot For Troubled Times, a book I co-wrote with Shaheen Miro.

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