Tarot Bytes

Queering the Tarot with Cassandra Snow

June 23, 2019

Episode 133. Queering the Tarot with Cassandra Snow. Back in the day, tarot decks and books were centered around the white, cisgender, heteronormative perspective. That's changing. Now folks can find tarot books and decks that are truly inclusive. It's about time!

Today, I am talking with Cassandra Snow, author of Queering the Tarot, about LGBTQQIP2SA+ representation in tarot. We're chatting about what it was like to read tarot when there were no cards or books that showed an LGBTQQIP2SA+ perspective and how modern decks and books are evolving to be more inclusive. Our conversation also included discussing interpretations for marginalized folk, gender, pronouns, advice for straight tarot readers who read for an LGBTQQIP2SA+ client, and more. Cassandra is a bright light blazing trails in tarot. You are going to learn a lot in this episode and I think her book belongs on every tarot reader's shelf!


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