Tarot Bytes

Reading Tarot for Loved Ones with Melissa Cynova

June 21, 2020

Episode 175. Reading tarot for loved ones seems like a great idea, right? After all, who knows you better than a close friend or family member? While there are benefits to getting a reading from someone you trust, there are challenges for both the reader and the querent. In this episode of Tarot Bytes, I'm joined by Melissa Cynova, author of the upcoming book Kitchen Table Magic and cocreator of The Scorpio Sea Tarot, for a frank discussion on what it's like to read tarot for those who are near and dear.

We talk about the pros and cons of getting a reading from someone who knows you well - and what both reader and querent need to do to ensure the reading is unbiased and helpful. Learn when we think you shouldn't read for a loved one too.

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