Tarot Bytes

Reading Tarot in the Pandemic with Liz Worth

July 19, 2020

Episode 179. We are living in uncertain times. Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on many business owners, including professional tarot readers, many who rely on face-to-face interactions through events and metaphysical storefronts. With shops closing and the safety concerns that come with in-person sessions, tarot pros are being forced to adapt - and so are their clients. But how do you do that? What might an in-person reading look like now? Will everyone be masked up? How do you read tarot when sitting six feet apart? Is it even safe to welcome clients into your home or office? And if you don't want to offer that, how do you deal with customers who insist and try to push past your boundaries? 

Liz Worth joins me to discuss all of that and more. Reading tarot in a pandemic can be totally doable and safe. We share our thoughts on what to do, how to stay safe, setting boundaries, and why we both think phone sessions are always a better option, pandemic or not. If you're a tarot professional or a client, you'll want to listen in to this episode. 

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