Tarot Bytes

Six Things To Avoid When Reading Tarot

February 2, 2020

Episode 159. A few years back I wrote a blog post about six mistakes tarot readers make. I thought we might want to visit that again here on the podcast. Here are the six things to avoid when reading tarot:

1. Depending too much on the “little white book." At some point, you gotta ditch the training wheels.

2. Becoming enamored with your newfound “powers." It's not about you - it's about serving the client.

3. Giving a prediction without strategies to change the outcome. If the outcome looks dicey, you need to show what can be done to navigate the situation.

4. Not keeping healthy boundaries. Boundaries keep you sane.

5. Taking on the role of a doctor, therapist or lawyer. Leave that to the professionals. 

6. Thinking you got it all down.  Keep learning, always.

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