Tarot Bytes

Tarot for Initiation with Erin Aquarian

February 9, 2020

Episode 160. Awhile back, Erin Aquarian joined me on Tarot Bytes to talk about Tarot as a tool for liberation. She's back and this time we're chatting about the wisdom codes in the Major Arcana that trigger our evolution. Erin has been downloading this information for some time and shared this with me: 

"The messages I've been getting clearly especially from the Empress/Emperor years is that we are being initiated into mental/emotional/spiritual adulthood, all the work that is happening around deprogramming/healing/unlearning problematic conditioning, etc, is ultimately about becoming an empowered adult who is actively participating in creating a better world, rather than passively accepting the one we've been given.”


We discuss this and more in another deep dive Tarot lesson!

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